Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Snowy Field and Weeds

Snowy Field and Weeds
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BRRR!!! I awoke to a car rimed in ice and hoarfrost on everything! Scrapping ice off one's car in the dark of early morning is NO way to begin a long day! LOL

I painted this a while back from the same image I used for the cold, midnight blue painting posted earlier - I wanted to try it again in warmer tones -- those sepias and umbers that I saw this morning amid the frost and ice. I thought it more fitting to post this painting this morning instead of the sketch I did last night.

Except that it was far darker when I left this morning-- this is what I saw driving in!

Today we leave for a conference for two days and another workday on Saturday .. so I"ll be away from the computer after this afternoon.

Stay warm everyone -- it's going to be mighty cold for the rest of the week!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Yes, these are the colors of this time of year. Beautifully captured.

I think you should tell santa to bring you one of those automatic car starters. My neighbor has one and she loves it. Just press your button while inside and your car will start and defrost itself.

Teresa said...

Well, of course you know that I was thrilled to look out of the window at first light and see a nice thick frost! I've decided I shall have to make do with frost... don't see any snow in sight :-(

Joan said...

Lin - This perfectly captures the colors we're seeing right now, and the sort of emptiness in the landscapes. One of the best things about our apartment is that we have a garage and don't have to deal with frozen windshields early in the morning. It isn't a pleasant thing to deal with when you're away from home. Keep warm!!! We're expecting snow again.

Desiree said...

You really captured the winter feel, I love the drops of blue in the earthtone colors. It brought it to life.

Anonymous said...

Oh this is so unusual and so beautiful Lin. I looked and looked and looked again at it. It's unique and lovely and has so many interesting elements. Terrific job!