Friday, January 16, 2009

Snowy Road

Snowy Road
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The temps this morning are in the low teens; the heater is running non-stop; the kitties are cuddled up in an easy chair in the garage; and we've another few days of this very un-Southern like weather! We're between conference sessions, and I return tomorrow to go through the elaborate and exciting trade show -- I am praying my car starts!

The conference classes were superb, and we've made some new friends and support for the Arboretum. We've been focusing our efforts on 'sustainability' and after spending the majority of our time in classes and presentations along that line, we are encouraged with the direction we're headed. It's been very reinforcing...

I'll spend today doing chores and heading out to meet some friends for a painting session. It'll be nice and relaxing since the workweek has been mighty full.

I know the weather has so many folks shivering ... so I'm adding warm thoughts for everyone to keep safe and warm!!


Teresa said...

Well, you've got me with this one. Absolute snowy perfection! My favorite of your paintings so far (hint: paint more snow!).

Enjoy your day today... you deserve it. How many layers are you wearing today? ;-)

Teri C said...

Not only a beautiful scene but fantastic depth!

Joan said...

You made this looks so comforting, even though snow is cold!!! I like this one a lot! Keep was 7 degrees here this morning.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I just love the snow against the trees and of course firs are my favorite trees too -- as are snow paintings. You've won my heart with this one.