Sunday, October 03, 2010

Bills Challenge - Fall Grapes

9" x 12"
Arches 140#CP

It has taken me all week to find the time to finish this painting challenge by Bill ( I began the painting during the week after work, but between meetings, late nights and other obligations, finally returned to it last night. I had attempted this several times trying to keep the light in the grapes, but didn't like how those were doing, so I returned to splash and splatter to achieve a looser, semi-abstract approach. I have thoroughly enjoyed all these grape paintings lately -- they, like colored leaves, truly speak of fall to me.

Got a lot accomplished yesterday including a delightfully long birthday visit with my son. Isn't it funny, how the older we grow, how very more important time becomes ... just spending an afternoon talking, playing Scrabble (he whooped me!!!), sharing a meal - means more than any THING in the world. Sweet, sweet gift.

C's final performances went well - and after all those long drives, long days and nights, he's mighty fatigued. Today we both rest! LOL

I went out this morning to feed the kitties -- mercy -- it's COOL!!!! I will have to begin packing sweatshirts for the week ... summer is just about over, though we usually have a week or two of 'surprise heat spells' sometime this month.

Have a great day!


Lorraine said...

The leaves are lovely Lin and I am really entranced by the detail on the branch and the tiny branches -- such good color and texture. So bright and happy on this very cold gray morning. Brr, first day I've worn a robe in ages!

So glad you will and Charles have a day of rest and recuperation -- you both so richly deserve it after all you've done this week.

And big hugs to your son for his visit for your birthday.

Off to paint now -- those darn Redbuds will not defeat me!!!

Joan said...

I love the glow of the grapes!! The are so light filled!!! The flowers below are lovely and so delicate looking. It is surprising that they survived all the rain.

We had great weather yesterday, perfect for a plein air trip with a group of artists. Today is dismal and damp.

Have a great day!!

Teri C said...

These grapes just glow with color. Beautiful!