Saturday, October 02, 2010

Blue Salvia - Salvia uliginosa

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With the heavy rains we've had this week, the change in temperatures and the turning of the season, there are still a few stalwart flowers in the garden -- this salvia is one of them. The flowers reside in a corner of my front garden where the salvia sits among ornamental grasses. I have a larger patch of it growing in a more moist conditon in one of the gardens behind my house.

Salvia uliginosa is a perennial plant that blooms from early summer through fall. Bees, butterflies, hummingbirds are attracted to its blossoms. It has been described as an 'enthusiastic' plant in that it reproducts readily by underground stolons and can spread very nicely with little help. For those who wish to keep it a bit more 'contained', the plants are easily pulled out by hand. Though it prefers moist soil (another common name for this is 'bog sage') and can reach 50" tall, in dryer growing conditions, bog sage will remain around 3' tall. I love the 'heavenly blue' of the flowers -- a welcome addition to any garden, especially for all the winged wildlife it attracts.

Our temperatures have dropped considerably this weekend and are utterly delightful. C's performance last night was wonderful --- as I'm typing this morning, he's reviewing the videos of the group .... looks like everyone had a great time. He and his 'Sunday Pickers' return to the college for two more performances today.

I hope to get to some painting today ...and I hope my muse returns ... it's been a challenging week to paint!

Have a great weekend!


Lorraine said...

Lovely and delicate Lin. I don't think your muse has deserted you this week -- I am still wowed by Thursday and Friday's paintings. Perhaps your muse is trying to push you in another, maybe more playful direction or telling you to take a break.

Isn't this weather wonderful! Oh, I've waited all summer for it. Love your discussion on Salvia too. Good luck today finding your way with flowers.

Big hugs,

Teri C said...

As Lorraine said, so lovely and delicate. Beautiful blue. Your muse is taking a break. I get worried when that happens to me also but she always returns and returns with great ideas!