Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Circles in Abstraction

Circles in Abstraction
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Some days it's just plain hard to find something you want to paint, or you're tired, uninspired or whatever. This week finds me that way -- we're had rainy days (thank heavens!) and HOT, deskwork-busy days that seem to be more draining than tiring. And so - a bit of meditative painting - something to keep the brushes wet and to 'tease' the muse.

I used the colors my friend Lorraine enjoys as I think about and plan for her visit the week after next. Though we visited this summer, it's been five years since she's been to my home and I'm so eager for her arrival! We'll attend weeklong classes at Art in the Carolinas and another workshop with Karlyn Holman -- and I'll need a vacation to recover ....But in the meantime -- it's dream time for me ....!!!

Meetings are on the agenda today and finding the plant materials for installation in the new garden ...

Already the temps are in the 70s with a high close to 90F ... whew!

Hope your day is grand!


Lorraine said...

Oh Lin what a lovely sight to greet me this morning -- my recent favorite colors in your beautiful meditative painting. They get better and better! Thank you so much. It is very cheering to this tired old woman who will be so happy when this election is over and we can resume our normally scheduled lives.

I too am SO looking forward to my visit with you and art, art, art! Put the coffee on!!

I tried to post earlier but blogger wouldn't cooperate!

Whew 90's -- stay cool and hydrated.
Big hugs,

Joan said...

Lovely job on this!!! I think sometimes we just need a break from what we usually do. I saw an ad about Art in the Carolinas and was wondering if you were going again this year. Have fun!

Teri C said...

I love when you do this kind of art. Your workshops sound fabulous and I am jealously wishing I could be there too.