Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Landscape after Carbonetti

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I watched a DVD by Jeanne Carbonetti this weekend and was inspired to try a meditative approach to my painting. This was the result ... plus a bit of my splash and splatter. I wanted to change my color palette too ... it was fun!

A nice, peaceful weekend with a predicted week of warm, dry weather. So many of the fields and woodlands we saw on our drive are showing the changes in the season, but with the lack of rain, there is a layer of 'dry brown' to the yellows and bits of red that are there. Leaves seem to 'droop' on the trees as if they're tired ... Perhaps a rain shower (possibly this Thursday?) would perk up everything a bit ...

Off to work -- Hope your week is terrific ...!


Lorraine said...

Oh as soon as I saw the painting I immediately recognized Jeanne!!! It's so lovely Lin and so Jeanne-like -- and I love the change in colors -- although I like the colors in everything you do, this was a nice surprise.

We also were out in the country yesterday and went for a walk and the trees, grass and all the wild stuff was too too dry and brown and yes, tired looking, as we get when we've had heat for too long with no respite of rain.


Teri C said...

Yes, these colors are very different for you. They are quite striking. I love when you experiment.

Samual said...

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