Sunday, October 24, 2010

Inspired by Fall Viburnum

Inspired by Fall Viburnum
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The weather has been most incredible! Sunshine and warm afternoon temperatures draw us from the house (and art table!!) to spend time getting done those things that are more difficult to do when the weather gets cold.

Yesterday was filled with chores - including cleaning out and defrosting two outdoor freezers. DEFINITELY better to do in warm weather! LOL We ran errands, saw the grands and by the time I finished preserving more apples, there was little time to paint.

This was painted in a splash and splatter beginning, but finished more positively than negatively. I'm not crazy about it but liked the change in color against the dark berries.

During our visit to Raulston Arboretum last week, I took lots of photos of all the plants bearing berries - I'm fascinated this time of year not only with leaf color changes, but also with the many varieties of berry-type seeds that carry on the plant's next generation. From grapes to apples (botanically NOT a berry!! LOL) to these dark purple/black Viburnum berries, they are as varied in color, shape, and size as are the leaves ... another beautiful aspect of fall.

Today I take in a lecture on wild foods (my favorite topic! LOL) and dry more apples. Why do the weekends go by so fast????

Hope your Sunday is terrific!


Joan said...

Lovely color to the leaves. Those dark berries are a nice contrast against the leaves. Very nice!

I just came from a morning and afternoon of art. I painted this morning with a friend and then we went to the Patchogue Arts Festival. It was fun. Hope your day was great!

Lorraine said...

Gorgeous colors Lin -- I love the leaves, their details and the colors. And yes, the dark berries against the lighter brighter colors is a lovely contrast.

It is warm and windy here too and I regret not being out in it as we are finally
expecting rain which we badly need to help tamp down the forest fires.

Hope you enjoyed the lecture.

Teri C said...

I love the beautiful colors in here. Those berries just make it fabulous.