Thursday, October 28, 2010

Inspired by Maples

Inspired by Maples
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We've had several days of tornado warnings, severe winds, driving rains -- it's been skattered around the area with damages in different places. Here at work, we've been fortunate to avoid the worst of the storms ....

I wanted to capture these magnificent maples leaves BEFORE the rest of the winds strip them from the trees.

It's been mighty HOT - we set a record yesterday of 87F -- 19 degrees WARMER than our norm ... this morning I drove in to work with temps already in the 70sF! And yet this weekend we're expecting frost. Tornado weather to be sure.

Hope the rains hold off long enough for Plant a Row volunteers to finish outdoors ....

Meanwhile -- stay safe and have a great day!


Lorraine said...

Gorgeous colors and lovely leaf details Lin. I love the splatter effect. You'll have to teach me again -- my fingers have forgotten how!!

We had 4 tornado touchdowns in KY on Monday and all has been clam since but it's still quite warm.

Enjoy your day and good luck with the food effort today.

Joan said...

Your negative painting is wonderful...Bravo!!!

Luckily the storm died down before it reached us here. We had a little rain, a lot of fog, and lots of humidity. But today is supposed to be about 67 and gorgeous. My capris are back on and I'm planning to paint outdoors!!

Have a good day!

Sioux said...

Lin, your work is always so glorious. I love this pieces!!!!!!! I am finally back blogging!

Teri C said...

Very beautiful Lin.
That storm was amazing and I'm glad we were in the southwest and avoided the whole thing.