Friday, October 01, 2010

Landscape of my Mind

Landscape of my Mind
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Thank each and everyone of you for your most incredibly kind and generous birthday wishes! Yesterday could not have been more joyous or blessed, and in all my years of birthdays, one of the most FUN and laughter-filled! Thank YOU for helping make that so!

After a long first-thing-in-the-morning meeting, my assistant and I returned to the Arboretum and to our patient volunteers. Our gardener had taken the lessons and tasks that day (we try to rotate these weekly so our volunteer sessions stay fresh and lively) and had just finished up when we got to the gathering. We talked about native foods, the rain we were so grateful to receive -- and then enjoyed a sumptious, over-the-top potluck luncheon! The food! The company! The spirit! Sheer magic! And such a joy -- truly. These women and men are honestly so kind and giving in everything they do that they seemed to radiate the sunshine through our over 10" of rainfall!

I finished up some tasks and then headed home. C helped me unpack the car and brought me the most glorious bouquet of flowers in tones of blue, purple, peach and yellow - utterly stunning!

With all your kind wishes, friends, family and the laughter of so many - the day couldn't have been any more stupendous. Thank you once more!

I had quite a number of awaiting things to address at home last night, and so painting time was curtailed ... this small work was done last week as I tried a few more ideas on paper ...

C and his jam group will be performing at my college for the school's Country Music Show --- a most exciting time for them! Congratulations to these men for all their hard work to have received this opportunity!

I hope to get in some needed painting time this weekend and to clean up outdoors a bit from all the rain !

Have a great weekend!


Lorraine said...

WOW. The colors, the shapes, the title -- all incredible. This just blows me away Lin. It is at once abstract and realistic and so well blended that it works perfectly. Really gorgeous, especially when I click on it and get to see it larger. Love love love this one. Your creativity amazes me.
Big hugs,

Joan said...

This is really well done! I like your technique for the rocks and a looser look than normal. Lovely colors too!!

I'm glad you had a great birthday!! The weekend sounds like fun with Charles and his group playing. Have fun!!

Teri C said...

BEAUTEOUS!! Your husband is such a wonderful guy and perfect for a wonderful girl like you.