Friday, October 22, 2010

Oxford Haybales at Twilight - On Masa

9" x 12"
Arches 140#CP
Masa Paper

I painted this several weeks ago ... it's a scene I love - haybales in a field nearby - but to be different, I changed the colors, worked on Masa paper, and with the color changes, created a feel of twilight - when the light turns things rosy ...

Today, the bales in this field are neatly stacked in the farmer's barn and the fields, with temps still high during the day, continue to grow. They're turning more gold than green as the season moves closer and closer to our first frost.

Our group of volunteers enjoyed the short time we had at the State Fair yesterday. With the fair's emphasis on agriculture, we took in the small gardens - about two dozen 12' x 12' (approximately) plots that were designed and landscaped by different groups -- what creative, incredible works of art and horticulture! We saw 'candy land' gardens - a wonderful idea for children based on the popular board game, animal gardens with inclusions based on animal names (cattails, bear britches and the like), a recycled garden with all sorts of creative ways to use recycled materials in your garden, vegetable gardens including one from a neighboring county's Plant a Row for the Hungry volunteers, high school and college horticulture groups -- absolutely amazing!!! Of course the 360 pound pumpkin was a thing to behold too - reminded me of Cinderella's coach! LOL

Wish we could have stayed longer -- the day, warm in the mid 70s -- brought out thousands of people and such a busy place made it difficult to stop and chat with the vendors or to see everything we wanted -- but what sights to behold!

Today my friend comes to paint, and I begin processing apples and more persimmons ... We are expecting a 'scattering' of frost this weekend in my area -- so Jodi and I will probably spend a bit of time outdoors with the still-blooming flowers -- while we can!

Hope your weekend is wonderful!


annie said...

I love the sight of bales in the field in autumn, too, Lin, and you have brought a special glow to them with your twilight--really special.

Joan Sicignano Artist said...

Lin, I love the bales in field. What a wonderful technique. You have a wonderful autumn glow to this painting. Your posting about the fair was equally enjoyable.

The weather on Long Island is a bit cooler, but I will try to outdoors this morning. Tuesdays are out plein air painting day.

I will email you again. Thank you for your email reply.

Enjoy your weekend.


Lorraine said...

Wow; what a lovely and different treatment -- twilight -- and you've captured it perfectly. I love the colors and shadows but oh my the texture of the wild grasses is terrific too.

Have fun painting today and enjoy the flowers before the front. We are almost at that point too but still having very warm wonderful fall days.

Joan said...

I love what the masa does for the soft edges in this painting. It is gorgeous!!! Excellent job on the light in this!

We are having some cooler weather up here. It is nice but I miss the warm sun. Enjoy your day!

Teri C said...

WOWZA, this is just GORGEOUS!!!

freebird said...

What a pretty picture. Makes me miss Minnesota and Illinois.