Friday, October 29, 2010

Splatter Portrait

Splatter Portrait
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Splattering and splashing often produces results that are a surprise -- especially to the one splashing the paint! LOL

I was at a workshop this summer and in the break between sessions, began a quick splash and splatter - thinking I'd work on the piece when I got home and after it dried. I wet the paper by dropping water from my brush onto dry paper, leaving some areas unwetted, then dropped watercolor into the wet and dry areas in colors I liked. As the colors merged and the work dried, this face appeared ...

The next 'step' in the process would be to enhance some of the positive areas with more paint, or enhance different areas by negatively painting around the shapes.

I was studying the splatters to see what 'appeared' ... and almost turned this into a floral -- but the group of folks who gathered around me encouraged me to keep this face ... explaining that it was my muse and I wasn't to touch it! LOL

Anyway, I've left it as it appeared -- the first stage in a splash and splatter ---- So -- my first 'portrait' of the year! LOL

If this appeared in YOUR painting -- what would you do with it?

Temps are turning cold today and Jodi is coming to paint this afternoon. I've a ton of chores to do before she comes as well as chores to do this weekend in preparation for Lorrraine's visit next week ...

But oh my gracious -- the colors of the foliage are brilliant! We may just have to take an hour to capture the colors before the frost!

Have a great day!


Lorraine said...

Oh my gosh this is incredible and I'm so glad you listened to your muse (via your companions) not to change it into a floral. I saw the face immediately and was so taken with it. I love love love it. The only thing I would do is -- and this is a big maybe -- is fill in the white spot on her nose. But, that could be a light highlight so at the risk of "defacing" it LOL, I'd probably just leave as is. Again, I love it. Magic really does happen when you paint!!

Enjoy your painting with Jodi and do not go to a lot of trouble for my visit.

Joan said...

Isn't it strange what can appear when we aren't trying? This is great and I'm glad you left it as is.

We had gorgeous warm weather yesteday, but cool damp weather today. Luckily I did go out and paint when it was nice.

Enjoy your day.

Sandy said...

Yes Lin, this splash technique is quite intriguing - you have amazing pages here, I would have MUD.

Teri C said...

Fascinating results. our muse is a very colorful gal! lol