Thursday, October 07, 2010

Yellow Time of Year

Yellow Time of Year
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Daily Practice

When C and I took a long walk this weekend, we explored some of the trails at the Granville Athletic Park. The cool weather had brought out other walkers, and there were at least three soccer games going on. The woodlands were bright with the changing colors - though it will be several weeks before any 'peak' colors grace our landscapes. Still, the yellowing of some of the trees continues to confirm the season's turning.

What a terrific time we had yesterday! We visited the Center for Environmental Farming Systems, a North-Carolina based research site studying sustainable agricultural methods -- from animals to plants to energy produced and consumed. We learned so much! After a delightful lunch, we toured the reconstructed historical village of Waynesborough -- fun and relaxing.

Today we do more planting for the hungry. One of our part-time gardeners brought some chestnuts to me last week, and I've rendered them into chestnut bread to share with our volunteers to thank them for the incredible lunch last week.

We're in the swing of the year for festivals and outings and the beginning of the holidays ---

Hope your day is great!


Teri C said...

Oh so pretty and autumn-ish.

Lorraine said...

What a lovely soft scene. The foliage and grasses are so like what we have here now but we are beginning to get a few colored trees -- but they all look so wimpy compared to previous years.
I so much enjoyed seeing your 10/7 post first and then this one -- a myriad of color choices for the season -- and also textures.