Thursday, May 12, 2011

Love in a Mist and Evening Primrose

1/8 Sheet
Arches 140#CP

From the window of my friend's home, her pink Evening Primroses bob and sway in the gentle night air. In my own garden, 90 miles away, my Nigella (Love in a Mist) are blooming ... I sat at her table last night and through the 'magic' of the brush, brought the two together - for a garden view of my own.

Today we head out with our volunteers for a 'than you' trip to a popular plant nursery and a divine!!! tea house for lunch ....

We've got overcast skies and poor air quality due to a large wildfire on our coast -- but we gardeners remain UNDAUNTED -- and will do what we need to do to find new plants!! LOL

Hope your day is great!


Lorraine said...

What a happy marriage of two beautiful flowers -- so beautifully painted and so delicately colored. I also, again, love what you did with the background. What a way to start my day!!

I hope you and your volunteers have a good time, certainly deserved by all.

While you are having wild fires, we in KY are experiencing terribly flooding after rough storms over much of the state on Monday night. What a spring this has been.

Big hugs,

Teri C said...

Oh I love these beauties!! Just love them.

Lorraine said...

I do remember leaving a comment on this one but it must have been when blogger was down. I don't remember what I said then, but I am awed by the delicate pink against the darker blue and the softness of the pink flowers against the sharp edges of the blue.Lovely contrast and lovely colors.
Big hugs,