Sunday, May 29, 2011

Queen Annes Lace

Queen Annes Lace by linfrye
Queen Annes Lace, a photo by linfrye on Flickr.

1/8 Sheet
Arches 140#CP

I worked on this a while ago and found it in my archives ... The Queen Anne's Lace is just beginning to bloom around me and I'd like to do this again ... my attempt here was to be as loose as possible, and treat the blooms somewhat abstractly, while keeping a more wet-in-wet approach.

After all the dance performances yesterday, a late lunch, photographs, we all came home and rested. What a fun day with the grands! I am truly amazed that my 2 year old granddaughter sat still for almost 3 hours while we watched performance after dance performance! Watching the youngest performers - perhaps 3 years old, older dancers and on up through the years to adulthood - seemed to telescope all the generations into a beautiful and amazingly moving performance. When the fathers brought out their children and performed together, there wasn't a dry eye in the auditorium!!

It promises to be another warm, hot day and lots of sunshine. The rain has helped the flowers stay fresh and the landscape is just brimming with life and color! It's picture-taking time again!

Hope you have a great Sunday!


Lorraine said...

Oh I love the abstract fluffy look to the blooms and the addition of the reddish brown details under the bloom and repeated in the fence post. Better than realism Lin! A beautiful painting altogether.

Glad you had such a good time watching the dance recitals and yes, a two year old sitting still for that long -- she should get a standing ovation!!
Big hugs,

Anonymous said...

I love thsi one, Lin!

Teri C said...

I jus trove this Lin. So beautiful.