Monday, March 19, 2012

Mist in the Woods - Thank you Andrew!

Half Sheet
Arches 140#CP

The mornings lately have been filled with the misty remains of evening showers and the certainty of the day's heat to come. The offical start to spring is only a few days away, but the last two weeks of record high temperatures -- in the 80sF!! -- make the Vernal Equinox feel like the start of SUMMER!

I was tremendously inspired by a photo I saw by Andrew ( as it so reminded me of a color version of the mist and fog I've witnessed over the last few mornings. My thanks to Andrew for allowing me to use his glorious photograph as a reference. and more -- for the inspiration it provided for this painting. Please drop by Andrews's flickr to see some glorious captures! Thank you once more, Andrew!

It was a busy weekend with lunch with the grandchildren, my husband's jam group filling the airwaves with wonderful sounds, taking in a concert and ignoring, yet again, those pesky weeds and gardening chores that are beginning to gnaw at my conscious. I spent a bit of time painting and simply enjoying the walks around the park inhaling the awesome fragrance of tea olive, marveling at the the scarlet reds of the budding maples, the innocent whites of the Bradford pears, the magenta tones of the saucer magnolas, the pinks of peach blossoms, the pale greens of the elms, and the yellows of the hickories.

Dandelions, chickweed, henbit and bitter cress?

If I step a little livelier -- I can walk right past them! LOL

Have a great week!


Joan T said...

I love the look of this...the misty air and the bright sunshine trying to push its way through. Nicely done!!!

We are expecting near record temps, but I'm sure when I'm painting outside later I'll have my winter coat and scarf on. lol Enjoy the beautiful day!

Janina B. said...

Oh, wie herrlich Lin. Dein Bild ist wie aus einen Märchen. Ich bin echt sprachlos und verneige mich tief.
Grüsse Dich herzlich

Teri Casper said...

Beautiful and mystical!