Saturday, December 03, 2005

Ceramics on Watercolor Paper

I've sketched the vase three times more, and this final time, added the sunflowers in the vase. I like how this has come out - a mixture of watercolor, gouche, pencil, pen, and I like the effect on cold pressed paper. The flowers are a bit too small and could benefit from my practice...but all in all, I'm thrilled!


Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness !!!!!!!!
Y E S S S S S!
Just grand, Lin.
Hugs, Bobbe

Dawn said...

As you should be! This is great. I have a feeling if I keep a watch on your blog you will have me sketching again.

Linda said...

BEAUTIFUL! You've really done well with this and are an inspiration to those of us who aren't always so persistent. Wonderfully done.

Zee said...

It's beautiful! You did great on this, Lin.

Anonymous said...

These are lovely. All three stand out as separate drawings, not one practicing for the other. Love the pattern too.

Janey said...

Ooos, I hit the submit before I signed my comment.