Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas Images

It's been much too busy over the last few days to get in any sketching. We were blessed with family visits, TONS of gifts and food, music and laughter, and the joy of watching our grandchildren experience their Christmas. For me, nothing means more than spending time with the people I love most in the world, especially during the holidays.

So while, I haven't any sketches to post at the moment, I've uploaded a number of photos to share our Christmas with you. I've focused mainly on the grandchildren, for it was they who really helped make the festivities delightfully chaotic and merry!

We were blessed with one of the most wonderful Christmases we've had - and for this we are deeply grateful.


1 comment:

Rayna said...

What fun! Mine will be here tomorrow through Friday and I still have to wrap Chanukah gifts.
Aarrgh. Happy New Year! I resolve to get back to sketching.