Saturday, December 17, 2005

EDM #13 Phone and EDM #45 Inside Medicine Cabinet

I sketched my cell phone in pencil earlier this week (EDM #13), outlined it with pen and then added watercolor.

I sketched the inside of my medicine cabinet (EDM #45) in PEN today and added watercolor.

ThoughI think the phone is a bit more 'accurate' and the inside of my medicine cabinet is off in perspective on the left side - I think I like the pen sketch better -- it makes me SMILE! (maybe I'm just laughing at myself?? LOL)


Teri C said...

The phone is great! Your medicine cabinet reminds me of mine so I am smiling too. But, really it is good-yours that is.

Felicity said...

Both are great Lin! Lovely to hear how you are getting on with pen (too scary for me!)

Laura said...

You've been a busy bee! I like both drawings ( I love pencil AND pen, myself, for drawing---not at the same time, though ;D) but I can see why you're especially pleased with the pen one.