Tuesday, December 27, 2005

EDM #47

The challenge for the end of the year from the Everyday Matters group is to sketch something we didn't sketch before or something we found particularly challenging. Since I only began teaching myself how to sketch less than six months ago - EVERYTHING I've attempted has been a challenge! Still, I can boil it down to this:

My challenge this year has been SEEING what is before me and being able to SKETCH it! As such, I offer my holiday-tired eyes and my trusty mechanical pencil sketches to illustrate.

My next great challenge - realistic NOSES!


Laura said...

Lin, you're certainly on the right track! You obviously SHOULD be making art, so here's hoping for a fruitful and exciting art year in 2006.

Terri said...

I find noses a challenge too Lin, but once I began really 'looking' at each one, I was amazed at the differences in each. You've done amazing things with your art this year - next year is shaping up to be a terrific one art-wise for you. :o)

Nita said...

You've been making such progress! And a great support for the rest of us, too. Yay for the artists' community!

Lisa Call said...

I think you are doing great!

I haven't gotten up the near to even attempt faces - good for you!

Karen said...

You've made a lot of progress in just a few weeks. Just imagine how you'll be drawing this time next year. Exciting isn't it?

Lauralyn said...

I think you are doing great...I just revisited your previous posts and seeing the B&B drawing and the Cracker Barrel, etc. - you are are doing wonderfully I think!! Think how far along you will be this time next year!!