Thursday, December 29, 2005

SUNNY Sunflowers

The last two days have been overcast and rainy, but on my kitchen table sits a vaseful of silk sunflowers. They so remind me of Italy and summer sun and fields of yellow and green. I decided to try to capture the various 'yellows' in the petals and attempt better watercolor shading. I can see I've succeeded a bit and failed a bit more ... but I enjoyed sitting down to sketch and achieving the quiet that comes when one concentrates on an enjoyable activity. I'll try these sunflowers again.


Bonny said...

Hi Lin;

I love your sunflowers! They are so vibrant.. I can almost feel the sun on my face in the Cinque Terre. We were there for a few days last summmer and there are beautiful sunflowers (and lemons the size of grapefruits!) everywhere.
Thanks for reminding me of those days in the sun!

Terri said...

Such a cheery painting! :o) I really like the loose happy way you've depicted the petals - very sunflower-like indeed. The only thing I would suggest for next time perhaps is a little more texture depicted in the centres. You managed this quite well with your paints, but perhaps some pencil or pen used in the centres would add to the richness of your sunflower centres. Thanks for the smile Lin. Love your work. :o)

jill said...

hey lin,

while these might remind you of italy, the sing "kansas" to me! i'm quite used to the sunflower here, as many farmers have chosen to raise fields of them and gardeners raise them for bird feed. reminds me of hot humid days and plenty of hours of sunshine. thanks for the summer smile!