Thursday, March 16, 2006

EDM #58 Sketch a Hat

It's pretty pathetic when you can't find a hat in your entire household! But my husband and I are "hair to the wind" kind of folks. I did manage to find an old straw hat of his that was bedecking his corner of the bedroom. Had to dust it off before I sketeched it since it has seen little use in the years he's owned it!

However, when I got to the B&B, Rebecca's husband, Ken, had several hats he ADORES and proudly shows me whenever he can. So I sketched one of these in two views as well as the straw hat.


Sioux said...

I loved the hats...especially the sun hat.

Robyn said...

In Australia, hats are an absolute 'must have' and we are actually now aware of their importance so most of us have at least one. Your sketches are very well done.

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