Thursday, March 23, 2006

Rainy Day Boredom

We've had several rainy days this week with a return to cooler temperatures. Unable to get out to sketch the blooming plants (or walk!!), I wound up sketching my CD player and a copyright free image of Tuscany. I liked the way both came out -- and after struggling with so many angles and placements with the Tuscany image, I will have to do more of these to ready myself for the Oxford sketch crawl in April!


Terri said...

Love the view of Tuscany. Don't you just adore the roof angles and clustered nature of the village houses?! Beautiful Lin. What a nice way to spend a rainy day. :o)

Lindsay said...

Lin! I've missed your posts (darn blogger). Ilove these latest entries! The Tuscan one makes me want to salivate.I've got to get to Tuscany!!

Alison said...

Your Tuscany painting is very sweet. Australian small towns and hamlets are always strung out along the main road
You've been busy - well done. Alison in Canberra