Sunday, March 19, 2006

Red Mustard Top

Sketching the reverse side of the red mustard leaf was fun -- but the TOP of it was particuarly challenging. I sketched it in pencil and found that by using my eraser, I could achieve a softer value contrast I really liked. I then ran the scanned image through my printer onto watercolor paper (thanks, Karen, for the idea!). But since I only have an inkjet printer, I had to work through and swipe off as much of the ink as I could. I added watercolors to attempt that deep purple-magenta of the leaf. I scanned the image again -- then decided to add some ink for veins. I like each of these sketches for various reasons ... do YOU have a preference?

BTW, I had some questions about this vegetable, so I'm including a link to our state university for additional information. It really is delicious, and YES, ya'll are invited to dinner!


Terri said...

Hmmmm, I like all three sketches too for different reasons, but I think my pick is the top one. I think because to me it looks most like a fresh leaf ready for eating. :o) Your botanical work is absolutely wonderful of late Lin. Keep it up!!

Lisa said...

These drawings and the Red Leaf Mustard post below are great! The sensitive attention to detail, color, and texture -- beautiful!!