Thursday, March 23, 2006

Those Redbuds

When the sun finally came out this week, I sat in my car and sketched the very young redbud near the former greenhouse of my students. I wanted to TRY to capture the fragile look of it and the bright, pink blossoms. Though I've come pretty close to the actual structure of the tree, it so reminds me of something Walt Disney would animate that it makes me laugh!


Teri C said...

I LOVE THIS LIN! Redbud is my favorite and you have read my mind. I even like it better than the one above.....altho, that is also so pretty on that paper. You seem to know so well when to use colored paper.

Linda said...

Good work on this one, too. The thing about redbuds is that they are really meant to be seen en masse, peeking out from among the other trees, so you can't notice that they just don't have a wonderful shape under most circumstances! You just caught this one out all by itself! :-D