Friday, May 19, 2006

Bluebirds Return!

After the first set of bluebirds fledged, I emptied their box (I understand the birds like to rebuild it for each clutch of eggs -- a new nest helps keep the insects down). I kept their old nest, thinking I'd like to sketch it. Soon thereafter, the pair of bluebirds made a new nest and as I sit to sketch their former nest, I see the male and female already hard at work feeding their new clutch!

Mercy, sketching nests made of dozens and dozens of pine needles, bits of leaves and bits of fluff is hard!! I sketched the bluebird after the image in Peterson's Guide.

(Don't know why the tail is cut off -- new scanner -- trying to get used to it!! LOL)


Terri said...

Oh I love nests. You did an admirable job on these. :o) I have a lovely nest (blown down out of a tree) which I keep on a dresser and it has five little lovebird eggs (they are both girls, so not fertile) in it. I'm presently trying to figure out how to pack it safely for the move! I've never had the courage to try to sketch it!!

Tami said...

LOOK AT YOU GO!!! BEAUTIFUL job on the bluebird and the nests!

Teri C said...

Wonderful job on the nests and the bird. It is not easy to capture their wonderful colors.

And yes, (being the bluebird expert that I am :O ) it is always best to remove the old nest or they will just build on top of it which brings them to close to the opening. You are a good godmother to these birds!

Cin said...

hee, love your bluebird Lin, looks like she's comparing one nest against the other, like us, seeing how with practice she's improved :)