Thursday, May 25, 2006

EDM 68 My Computer

While this is NOT one's typical computer, for those of us who live far removed from urban centers (and competitive Internet servers), we often depend on satellite systems to give us Internet access that is FAR superior to dial-up -- often our only alternative.

Last week, we lost our satellite connection -- we're not sure what went wrong, and it will be a week (or so) before we can have it repaired. So for a week we've been on dial-up -- and the excruciating slowness of downloading and uploading. FRUSTRATING!

We've got our fingers crossed that a new satellite service will be able to install a new system for us. Our broken satellite (and the service it came with) has been fraught with difficulties for the 18 months we've had it installed. We're hoping this new service, one without a dial-up prerequisite, will be faster -- though more expensive -- and more reliable.

We are hoping!

So, I've sketched my satellite -- my CONNECTION!


Felicity said...

Oh, I know all about dial-up! It's so frustrating and there is nothing more precious than time! Hope they sort it out for you soon!

Tami said...

Things to look forward to when we move, Yuck! But the benefits far out weigh the drawbacks. Hope that fixes your problem!!!

Penny said...

I didn't realize you lived in a remote area. Mostly I think that would be lovely though!