Saturday, May 06, 2006

Ham and Yam Festival

Although thunderstorms and rain were predicted for today's festival, the day turned out to be glorious! Sunshine, small breeze, and HOT! I sketched Charles' hand on the steering wheel as HE drove us there.

My husband was asked to sing for a friend's church at the Festival, so we set out early this morning to drive the 80 miles to Smithfield (YES--AGAIN!). We got there in plenty of time, and i was able to check in with my former technician who opened up a truly fabulous bookstore ... such ambiance ... coffee, desserts, books, and her cheerful company!

The stage Charles was going to use was having a bit of technical difficiult with speakers and mikes, but it was resolved finally, and he could sing. He sure did a GREAT job and attracted a lot of folks to this part of the festival. (Some day my sketches of Charles will REALLY look like him -- SIGH!)

After his singing, we made our way to the other venues. I had a fantastic!! chair massage -- I almost fell asleep! Found some neat cloth books for the grands, ate some sweet potato fries, home-made ice cream, ice cream dots (!) and found a really terrific jean with pockets and belt pocketbook for my daughter-in-law for mother's day.

It was FUN!

On the 80 mile return trip home, we did some grocery shopping and wound up needing a nap when we got home.

So glad the weather held and the event was successful!


Tami said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! You just keep practicing, look how far you have come so far!

Lindsay said...

Wow 80 miles. Glad you were able to get in some drawing time.