Saturday, May 06, 2006

Lemonade from lemons?

I spent over 14 hours yesterday ridding my computer of spam ... mercy.... it had jammed my computer and caused untold angst! So while I downloaded, uploaded, scanned, rescanned, and scanned again, I got a lot of 'avoidance' chores done--laundry, switching turtlenecks for short sleeves, getting ready for a workshop next week and cooking various items.

By late evening, I was getting rather tired but wanted to do a bit of artwork to relieve the frustration. By that time, it was raining and dark and so I grabbed two photos to attempt - one of my new granddaughter, Taylor (I JUST LOVE my daughter's hand here!) and a recent one of Emily.

Though not a TOTAL likeness of either -- both REMIND me of these grands ... and that means I'm getting closer -- computer aggravations and all!


Bonny said...

Hi Lin;

I really like your drawings of Emily and Taylor. They are so cute! Your drawings are always so fresh and well done. The painting of Eo Falls is really nice, too.
Thanks for sharing.

Terri said...

Lin all your latest work is great, but I like these portraits best. And yes, you should feel very proud of that hand - it is terrific!! I think you did a lovely job with Taylor too. :o) Sounds like you are keeping as busy as always!!

Linda said...

Lin, these are beautifully done -- so loving!

Tami said...

I LOVE the sketch of baby Taylor, you did a wonderful job! Emily is very good too! You are doing such a fine job of pushing yourself forward!!!!

Carole said...

I adore the baby Taylor drawing - it's so sweet, so lovingly drawn and the hand, gently cradling the head ... gorgeous!