Friday, May 12, 2006

Miss Sunshine

After planting some herbs between rain showers yesterday, my cat, Sunshine, decided to follow me inside and beg for moist catfood. Her 'meows' got to me and I fed her -- then she wanted outside -- rain and all.

I busied myself with laundry and when I went past the storm door, there she was, resting against the door, protected by the porch from the rain.

I hurriedly sketched her, but my constant staring woke her up. She turned around, looked at me thru the glass, and with those irresistible cateyes, begged to come in. I haven't quite captured the pitiful look she had ... think I'll be working on my cat sketches!

Oh yes, I did let her in! LOL

1 comment:

Tami said...

Top one came out very good, bottom one looks like maybe your ink took on the life of Karen's snake and turned against you (hate when that happens!) Actually, it looks like you are trying to work in pretty small scale (one of my favorite set ups for failure) and that makes every line count, it is very unforgiving with thicker lines or any other minor errors. I thik they are fun anyway!!!