Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day

Although my children had plans with their spouses today, Charles outdid himself!

Last night we went into Durham to walk around and eat dinner at Tosca's. We ate on the patio and reminesced how a year ago we were eating on the patio in Casalicchio in Sicily. As we ate we watched a rainbow parade of beautifully dressed young women celebrating their graduations and proms. The fellows looked spiffy too in their tuxedos! What a show!

Today, Charles fixed a FABULOUS dinner: Lemon Caper Pork Chops, lemon caper sauce over cheese and porchini mushroom tortellini, and Italian-spiced spinach, garlic breadsticks and ice tea!
I finished the Tiramisu I couldn't finish last night! YUM YUM YUM!!

I worked on the journals for the grands. Michelle sent more photos of Taylor so I could add these to her album; and I added the 'artist' photos of Nick and Emily.

We've had storms all day -- rain, thunder, lightning, hail in some places, and tornado warnings still in effect.

And I FINALLY got a 'light' touch on the orchid -- HORRAY!!!!

All in all -- a lovely day -- quiet -- and wonderfully succulent!


Laura said...

Your day sounds wonderfully and deservedly happy, Lin. I've had a lovely day with C coming home from college, K from breakfast on, and L to dinner with the other two and husband and me. K and I went to the farmers' market in Raleigh to buy lavender and stachys and roses for the two new flower beds. I've really enjoyed our cool and unstable weather today---reminds me of my year living in Scotland, where K was born. (Sorry to hijack your blog for my own Mother's Day reminiscences ;D.) Please forgive. I wish I'd managed to sketch something from the day the way you did. Lucky you with all that lemon caper sauce and orchid!

Tami said...

Your day and your husband sounds wonderful!!! I am SO GLAD! You deserve every bit of it!!!

Bonny said...

What a perfect day! It sounds as though you had a lovely relaxing day - not even needing to do the cooking. That's so nice and I agree, you deserve it!
Your drawing looks good enough to eat!

Felicity said...

What a fab day! What a fab husband! What a fab painting!

Teri C said...

Lin, I am happy that you such a wonderful day and had time to do a sketch also. Your husband is so awesome!!

shirley said...

Love this page and could really enjoy that dinner! The orchid is beautiful!