Sunday, May 14, 2006

Tagged! Five Things

Sioux tagged me for Five Things ...

Five things in my refrigerator:
* Purple artichokes - My sweet husband bought these luxuries because he knows how much I love artichokes ... I've never cooked PURPLE ones ... so this will be a real treat for Mother's Day
* Pork chops - Charles is cooking dinner for Mother's Day - my request? Pork chops with lemon and capers over pasta -- YUMMM!!!
* Raspberries - again, my favorite fruit and bought special for today.
* Strawberries. It's that season here in NC and so this fruit is plentiful and we love them!
* Water Melon - See raspberries above!
* Cottage Cheese - I seem to be on a cottage cheese and fruit frenzy and so we tend to stock up on this in small containers for easy transport.

Five things in my closet:
* High heels - seldom worn any more and yet I can't toss out or give away shoes I MIGHT wear.
* Hiking boots - See high heels above.
* Overnight bags - Wish I DIDN"T have to use these so much!
*Graduation robes - worn once a year when my students graduate
*TONS of sweaters and sweatshirts and turtlenecks -- because I"M ALWAYS COLD!
* Hidden Christmas gifts I'll uncover WHEN AND IF I EVER CLEAN UP THIS MESSY CLOSET!

Five things in my car:
* Overnight night bag -- see 'closet' above.... SIGH!
* Emergency tire pump and battery chargers (see overnight bags above!) SIGH!
* Snack bars (See emergency tire pump ...!!) LOL
* Bottled water (See above!!!)
* Cough syrup, lozengers, sinus medicine, nose spray (See above!)
* ART SUPPLIES, collage supplies, art books, extra sketchboooks, extra paints ... BECAUSE I'M ALWAYS ON THE ROAD!!! LOL

Do I see a pattern here??

I tag Teri and Terri!!!


Sioux said...

Cool, Lin!

Felicity said...

OMG!!This is so funny! Lin, you are a hoot! AND you tagged the two Teris - I was going to tag them too!

AnastasiaC said...

Yum! Pork chops with capers
I can relate to the messy closet!!

pedalpower said...

My goodness, I'm so impressed by your car are prepared for Nancy Drew!