Saturday, May 27, 2006

Who's That Knocking at My Door

As C and I were readying to head to the movies, we opened the front door to let in the cat for her dinner -- C looked up -- and THIS black snake met his gaze!! Brazen fella! He was curled up not one foot from the front door, wrapped around the outdoor seat we have on the porch! His tail end dangled on the porch floor - and he had wrapped himself 3 feet UP from the floor, around the heart shaped opening on the seat sides, and further dangled down the seat's side. Heavens know how LONG he actually was!

We recognized him as a non-poisonous black snake and let him be.

He was gone by the time we returned from the movies.



Felicity said...

OMG, he's scary! Well done for taking a photo without camera shake!!!
Love the lily - beautiful colours!

Teri C said...


Tami said...

Wow! He's kind of cool once you realize he is probably keeping down the population of some otf the undesireable elements and Hey, Snakes need a little love too some times! (Maybe he needs to hang out with Oscar the Orange!)

starrgirl's world said...

I'd have done the same, but only after jumping out of my shoes!! Yikes!!!

Terri said...

Now if we found that on our doorstep it would almost certainly be venemous. Eeuuuuwwww! I do not like snakes. Just because he's gone wouldn't mean I could rest...I'd be wondering where he'd gone to!!! You are a braver woman than I my friend.

Kathleen Marie said...

Yowzer, that's a bit bigger than the two blackies we have out by the pool... :)