Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Young Artists at Work

Finally -- a rainy, RESTFUL day! We went to visit the grands this afternoon. They are at such an ADORABLE age - beginning to talk, truly making their desires known, doing the most hilarious antics, and overall, simply endearing themselves to their Nonna and Nonni.

Today, the young artists practiced their 'art'. Emily began with fingerpainting ... every time Nick came by to play, she gently moved her paints to the other side of the table! Not to be outdone, however, he decided to try the crayons. As can be expected, if Nick is using crayons, Emily had to use crayons too! The two are a riot!

I can tell immediately, these toddlers have a LOT to teach me!

Oh, MY art? I think today, was photography! LOL


Felicity said...

Photography is art too :) Lovely to see your little budding artists! Who needs words anyway?!

Rayna said...

Lin, your sketches are always a delight, and these photos are delicious. I can't seem to get back to drawing, so I look at yours instead.

Tami said...

Lin, I love the tilt of Emily's head! Such and expressive photograph! Aren't baby grands wonderful!

Laura said...

I love that little tilted-head-on-shoulder thing that young children do when they're engrossed in something. What darling children. And they are off to a great start with all of that artmaking!