Monday, August 14, 2006


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What a time at the party!! Food, people, temperatures, family, surprises!! It couldn't have been more perfect!

Yesterday, the weather and fun continued as we went into the Bronx to visit the New York Botanical Garden and the Chihuly glass exhibit!

To say the gardens were beautiful would be an understatement! To say the glass exhibits weren't exquisite would be another underestimation! To say that yesterday was as wonderful and full and joy-filled as Mary Ellen's surprise party would be exactly right!

I don't know how two days could have been any better! Here are a few of the photos! BTW, in the family photo, people are from left to right: Mom, Mary Ellen, Pat, me (the runt!) LOL

To see more Chihuly, go to:


Teri C said...

Holy Smokes, are these some absolutely GORGEOUS colors!! I expect to see some great paintings from these!

So great that a good time was had by all.

Felicity said...

What a fantastic place! Looks like you have a wonderful family Lin!

Tami said...

WOW! The glass works are amazing!!
I am so glad you had such wonderful time!

Sioux said...

Wow, Lin, wonderful photos...and wonderful trip!! Good for you!!

Terri said...

Wow Lin the Chihuly photos are gorgeous! Such vibrant colour! I couldn't get to Canberra when he had an exhibit on here in Australia, but I would love to see one in person someday. Sounds like you're having a blast. :o)

Jan said...

Fantastic! I saw a Chihuly exhibition in similar temperatures in Canberra (Australia) several years ago. It was held during "Floriade" and the sculptures were not necessarily the most colourful things there. It was simply fantastic. The best however, was in the watergarden behind the National Gallery where there is a permanent sculpture that is a mist-making machine. The pond is surrounded by Casurinas (a whispy native with needle like leaves that hang in clumps). Shards of blood red glass spearing up out of the water where they contrasted severly with the soft mist and soft spooky foliage. I'll never forget it.

AnastasiaC said...

what great pics!! the gardens are amazing!