Sunday, August 20, 2006

Hoffman Nursery

Originally uploaded by linfrye.
Today -- a better sketch and watercolor day -- though still not my best work. Nonetheless, this sketch helps restores a bit of my lost confidence! It's a scene I photographed during Friday's trip to Hoffman Nursery's Ornamental Grass Arboretum. The wooden boardwalk skirts one of his irrigation ponds and goes through shady trees and ornamental grasses. BTW, those are NOT spiders on the bank! They're small ornamental, arching plants whose name I don't remember!


Renate said...

It's lovely Lin. I like all the different shades of green.

Teri C said...

Well,that little blip didn't last long Lin--you are back! This is so lovely and peaceful and love the greens. Makes me feel good just looking at it.

Jana Bouc said...

This is pretty and I want to be there! It has a very southern look about it, with the graceful trees and path. Is it still hot there? It looks warm in this painting. By the way, I ordered a Raffine notebook and am looking forward to trying it.