Sunday, August 27, 2006


oleander 3T


This morning was one of those 'good' sketching days ... images seem to float FROM my pen to paper without my constant correcting. I composed and sketched this oleander from a photo reference. I too have trouble getting shadowless scans, so I'm sorry the pencil image isn't better. I used a light touch with watercolors to give it a bit of pink!

BTW, as I reviewed my sketchbooks from spring through summer, I am amazed by how much PINK I seem to be sketching!


Pat said...

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Laura said...

Lovely shapes and lines here, Lin. And I'm glad you're doing lots of pink!

Teri C said...

It's so lovely Lin! And isn't it such a good feeling when the picture paints itself! I can almost smell these, they look so good.

Tami said...

You are using a lot of pink but the subjects you are choosing ask for it. I have noticed that you have gone from a heavy form to this very light and airy touch that almost give a weightlessness to the paintings. they look like they could dance in the wind at any moment!

I love the days when the image just pours out of the pen!

Terri said...

Lovely oleanders. :o) You do flowers so well! We had lots of oleanders in the yard when I was growing up, but they went out of fashion after it became known the sap was poisonous. Such a shame, because lots of plants are poisonous and are still used frequently in gardens. Oleanders got a bad rap I think. They are great in our drought prone climate too, so I think they should be used more often.

AnastasiaC said...

Pink is good!!
I love this - the light background makes the flower come alive!

Karen said...

We have a whole side of our yard planted in oleander and my, are they colorful. You did a good job of rendering them.

Felicity said...

Love this light and fresh touch you have with paints!

Linda T said...

This is really nice, Lin.