Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sketches from Chihuly

chihuly 2

chihuly 1

I hope to sketch more from the photos I took at the Chihuly Exhibit. Here are two -- one done at my sister's; the other today while over the eastern seaboard enroute from NY to NC. I also am continuing to sketch water for this month's challenge from Kate's alumni group.


Teri C said...

Another stunner! The blue and its reflection is awesome! WOW again.

Terri said...

These are beautiful. I love the bottom one particularly - you drew those so well. The photo of them is gorgeous too of course, but you did a stunning job of getting them on to paper. :o)

Tami said...

Wow!! Love the way you did the glass! These are terrific!

Sioux said...

You have a way with water. Good job!

Marie-Dom said...

These sketches are really lovely and very vibrant.

wagonized said...

Lin! It's like i am there again! Not only did you capture the shapes and colors of Chihuly's glass sculptures, but the atmosphere is there too. Great paintings.

Jana Bouc said...

You did a beautiful job on the water and the glass. I love the sunny reflections in the water.

Felicity said...

Wow, Lin, the water and glass are fabulous! You know just how much to put in and leave out!

Lorraine said...

Oh I have been so taken with glass art
and sculptures this week -- one day at the
Ky. Artisans Guild and today at the annual
Woodland Arts Fair -- alas, not enough $
to go around and certainly not a great
thing to invest in with 5 felines but so
beautiful to see and wonder "how in the
world did they do that???" And I wonder
the same about these two gorgeous
paintings -- and in the air too!