Thursday, August 10, 2006

Those 5 minute Sketches

Yesterday was a slam-full day of registering students and answering phone calls and racing home to wash clothes and pack for my 6 am flight, so sketching anything 'serious' was a real challenge.

I SQUEEZED in this sketch between students and bathroom breaks! Not a 'frame-able' picture, but daily practice! (15 minutes at best) ...

Sure do miss having a bit more time to devote to this! Next week, I hope!


Teri C said...

Lin, I applaud you for keeping to your resolution!! Every bit of practice always leads to something better.

There are times that a 2 minute sketch is the only one I can manage all day. And I'm retired so I know how difficult it must be for working people.

And yours is a neat little sketch!

Zee said...

Sweet! I should try being so disciplined.

Jana Bouc said...

Good for you! Somehow the little painting seems charged with energy, like it's in a hurry and is very busy too.