Saturday, August 12, 2006

Today's the Surprise

The trip to NY was good! A few delays at the airport -- but basically smooth sailing! Thank heavens!

Arriving in New York to 70 degree weather, clear blue skies and low humidity (after 100F weather in NC) was absolutely GLORIOUS!! And seeing my sis and Mom again was an absolute JOY!

Today is Mary's birthday suprise. Mom and I have been sequestered in Pat's home and stories of 'cover-up' and 'excuse' have been made.

The party is at 4:00 -- My fingers are crossed that she will truly be surprised and thrilled! In any case, I am so excited to see her again and have the family 'girls' all together again!

I've been sketching, but my sis lacks a scanner ... so photos forthcoming next week!


Tami said...

My Dear Lin, I hope you have a delightful time! Seeing suprise family members are the best gifts in the world!

Terri said...

Enjoy your visit! We'll look forward to your drawings when you get back. :o)