Monday, December 18, 2006


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One of those days when NOTHING i sketched or painted came out the way I wanted. That after such a good painting day the day before -- SIGH!

I thought I'd post this anyway -- for honesty's sake -- and for the comfort of others, who like me, have disappointing days at the art table --


Donn said...

Hey, gal, there's nothing wrong with these. May not quite look like geraniums but love what you did with them, colors just great.

Teri C said...

I like this geranium also!! The color is wonderful-you just have a new species!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. You are so hard on yourself. Even the work you don't like has beautiful light and color and movement. I think the hard thing is just that they didn't turn out to be what you intended. But they're still really nice.

Lorraine said...

You'e too honest!!! If you hadn't said they were geraniums, I would have just enjoyed them as "flowers." Lovely.