Monday, December 25, 2006


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We held our first phase of Christmas the day before yesterday, while my daughter was here and the rain held off. I

n the afternoon we gave Emily and Nick their battery-operated cars -- oh the hilarity! Up and down the driveway -- into the bushes, narrow escapes to save car crashes! I could not imagine explaining to our car insurance agency that a 3 year old had dented the car without a license to drive!!!

Then a bit of rest and a large fish dinner. Gift exchange with my daughter and her family --!! Oh to see all my family together! Emily and Nick were so good as Michelle and her family opened their gifts. Afterwards, my son and his family went home to rest and we placed the next phase of gifts to open in the living room for their return visit.



Casey said...

Thank you Lin for sharing your Christmas with us. How do you manage to be so productive with so much going on around you? Have a wonderful holiday and we'll keep watching this space for future posts!

Teri C said...

I love this painting-it is so full of Christmas love.

Love those grands and their joy of gifts!

Anonymous said...

Recording everyday events on the blog becomes such a wonderful journal of the year. A perfect picture for today.

Terri said...

Sounds wonderful Lin! :o)

Loretta said...

Dear Lin, when we lived in Memphis, there was nothing more exciting than having our New York family come to visit. I'm so glad you had the whole group there! And I chuckled when I read about the pastries - that was always one sister's job and she still talks about getting those cannoli through the security gate at the airport!

Buon Natale!

Lorraine said...

Your grands will enjoy these journals for years to come -- all the little details you are painting are wonderful.