Sunday, December 03, 2006

Nandina Berries


The Nandina berries are so bright this time of year ... and while I was looking around for some holly berries, these Nandina seemed ready for sketching.

I brought in a sprig of leaves and a plume of berries; laid them on my art table, and tried, a bit more successfully, to work wet-in-wet on the leaves, and a bit of loose and controlled on the berries.

Apparently the meds have finally worked and I had more energy today than I have in ten days, and this sketch seemed to work much better than those last week. Ah, modern medicine!! LOL


Donn said...

Never heard of these, let alone know what they looked like. Thanks.
Nicely done, too.

Teri C said...

So lovely and so loose. Just great Lin! So happy to hear you are better.

SCquiltaddict said...

YUMMY...AND THE leaves are so pretty right now arent they...great job young lady!! GOing to have to check ours and see if they have berries...I have never noticed them on ours...very christmasy!

Lorraine said...

Very well done! Love it. I've never heard of these either but then there are a lot of "berried" things out there that I don't know the names of. So glad you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

LOVELY nandina berries! They are so pretty right now -- I always want to pick them and use them, too. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with the background. It's loose and floaty. The berries are great too.