Tuesday, December 26, 2006


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We visited Mike and Joye yesterday to see their 'Christmas" -- got a tour of Mike's plant and model homes, saw N & E who were sniffly and coming down with colds.

My daughter sent photos of T's first Christmas and their celebrations with her.

We brought some cold cuts and desserts for Mike and Joye to enjoy before they were headed to Joye's parent's and sisterss for more gift giving.

We returned home for leftover crabs and spaghetti for lunch and more of the delicious Italian pastries my sis brought from NY: honey balls, anise biscotti, clam shells, chocolate and ricotta mini-cakes, cannoli, eclairs, Napoleans, Reginna biscuits, etc. etc. MERCY!

Then a quick nap, scrabble, and lamb for dinner, packing and goodbyes as my sis, Pat, leaves to head back to Long Island.

So darn hard to see company leave!


Teri C said...

They all look yummy and I jsut finished breakfast!!

Being the one left at home when company leaves is the worse part.

Lorraine said...

Wow; you really are the energizer bunny in disguise. I am so enjoying your holiday festivites -- and putting on the calories all the way up here!

Casey said...

The pastries look beautiful and it all sounds delicious. Very nice drawing Lin.