Saturday, December 30, 2006

Rosy Rose - EDM 99 - Art Goals 2007

Rosy Rose
Originally uploaded by linfrye.
Another art goal is to learn to use values more.


melissa said...

I think you've set some wonderful goals for yourself. With the kind of progress you are making, they are all within your grasp. Much luck to you this year with all of your goals (artistic and otherwise).

SCquiltaddict said...

VEry nice flower...try adding some purples to the shadows? just a thought....darn those silly letters to post get LONGER and LONGER!!!

Teri C said...

Beautiful roses! so soft and touchable.

Anonymous said...


You've made some wonderful goals for the coming year. I'll look forward to your progress. Making goals just doesn't work for me. If I need to do something, I usually just get to it and do it, or try to. Making goals just makes me squirm and feel guilty and less likely to do something. May have something to do with being an Army Brat... and strict rules.

Glad you liked the postcard!



Anonymous said...

Wonderful values on this flower! It's very delicate and I LOVE the pink you are using!!
Wonderful, attainable goals. I certainly look forward to seeing your FINAL goal list!!

Laura said...

You're putting lots of thought and specificity into your art goals, cara! That's probably a good way to make them realizable. Just look at all the amazing progress you made this year. I'll be following along with you in 2007!

Anonymous said...

Nice job on the rose. Beautiful flower, color too. You technique is admirably restrained (against overworking, I mean). And, I like the flowers in a vase below. Vases are difficult and can be intimidating!

loveitaly said...

I think you have come a long way since I first started looking at your work. You have really grown in your skills before our far as using more values--I've been seeing that happen with your work! This flower is lovely...happy new year and I look forward to seeing your work through '07!!


Anonymous said...

Lin I've been giving this a lot of thought recently too. I definatley share a couple of your goals - sketching people more and 'light'. Nice picture and I love the little girl in the car!

Tami said...

Lin, it is good to see you setting you 2007 art goals. I think you have come so far, and it is good to see where you want to go. You have done a lovely job with the tones in this rose. Happy New year!

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet pure flower full of light and gentleness.