Sunday, December 03, 2006


My dear friend, Patti tagged for for six weird things about me. Hmmmm.... my husband thinks EVERYTHING about me is weird so it'll be hard to list only six ...

1. I love licorice .... seems like EVERYONE else in my family abhors the stuff -- I LOVE it -- yep, the black kind .... I even find it relieves a tummy ache

2. I eat the weeds ... literally. Dandelions, henbit, chickory and the like -- I studied ethnobotany and so found out which of our weeds are edible -- and learned how to cook them so that they're really quite good. And yes, I always admired Euell Gibbons!

3. My love of rosemary is 'weird' according to my son --- he says it smells like an air freshener and the rosemary bread I eat is, to him, like eating Lysol.

4. I'm a bit shy ... I find it difficult to introduce myself to folks I don't know. I can carry on a conversation AFTER the initial icebreaker -- but BEING the one to break the ice .... well, I usually leave that up to my husband! LOL

5. I wear socks throughout the year .... folks find this 'unusual' -- but while I'm cold natured all the time, my feet get especially cold and I wear socks day and night to keep them footies warm! Oh -- and my preference for knee socks .. my son thinks that's beyond WEIRD -- but absolutely certifiable!

6. I watch little television. These days I suppose that may not be considered 'weird' ... but at a recent conference I was sitting with a group of young to middle-aged individuals, and when they ALL were naming off their favorite shows, they thought I was from MARS since I didn't KNOW any of them. My preference is for books on tape -- I can listen to a good 'read' -- AND do artwork! LOL

Okay, so that's six ... instead of me tagging six folks -- how about six folks VOLUNTEER to list six weird things .... and perhaps my asking for volunteers to do this can be counted as weirdness #7 ...!!! LOL


Patti Gramza said...

THAT was fun reading Lin!!! I like your weird things! And am soooo glad that we have hugged in real life, because that takes the shy right out of you! Wheeeeee! How do the weeds taste for the most part?? Good?? That is neat!I would like to get stuck with you on survivor then!!!!! :)
And I would volunteer for the tagging, but I got you.....soooo hehehehe!

Teri C said...

Gee, I don't find anything weird about these (tee hee) because I can relate too well.

The weird thing about me.....I am not volunteering :)

Karen said...

Lin you don't sound weird to me, I'm not a big fan of licorice and we don't wear socks much in California, but the others sound pretty much like me, too.

Anonymous said...

1- My feet are almost always hot, so my favorite slippers are gel soles that I keep in a bag in the freezer
2- My fav snack is apple wedges dipped in warm peanut butter (heated in microwave until runny)YUM!
3- I like to clean bathrooms
4- I don't like to talk on the phone
5- I don't like showers - give me a big soaking tub with bubbles
6- I like to drive in the rain

Anonymous said...

I feel like I know you better!!! As for your sock love, I just am getting into weird and wonderful socks. The more outragious the better. I'm very impressed that you eat weeds. If ever I'm in a catastrophy, I wanna be with you. Iknow i won't starve!!

Jana Bouc said...

I'm with you on the cold feet and socks. I wear them all the time. Sometimes I even sleep with socks AND my sock slippers. I've recently discovered Smart Wool socks--they're amazing--very soft and comfy and washable. My cat thinks they're little toy animals though--something about the scent of the wool I suppose, so she loves to play with them so I have to hide them from her or she shreds them.

Anonymous said...

Great reading Lin!! I hate licorice, always have but I've just discovered the joy of long socks! Sure takes away the draught up the legs of the jeans but I don't think I'll be joining you in the summer!! ;) I don't watch much TV either and every time I do, I realise I haven't missed much!

littlemithi said...

This is a great way of getting to know people, isn't it ... wonderful read ;)

1. I think science is COOL - but I love art too. And after a PhD in biochemistry I've now decided to go into art college - whopee!

2.I have a phobia of snakes - Ok thats not so weird, but I can't even deal with the dead ones. I had to skirt round the glass case in the natural history museum which had a SKELETON of a python in it.

3.When it's cold I often loose circulation in my middle finger on my right hand. I thought that was REALLY weird, until I found out that it's a fairly common condition called Raynaud's syndrome.

4.I LOVE doing the dishes and making the bed.

5.I prefer starters (savoury food) to dessert (sweet stuff). I live with a house load of sugar-toothed people who think I'm really weird whenever I say "no" to the cake ;)

6.I've fallen over four times this last couple of months. Now thats me being exceedingly clumsy - or just plain weird!

Donn said...

No way are you shy! Interesting reading. Me?
1. Hate the word practice!
2. Love to cook and create new dishes. Maybe not really a wierd thing for men.
3. Have too many interests. Not enough time for most of them.
4. Never like throwing things away. Always say "I may need this some day".
5. Hate talking on the telephone.
6. Loved being a clown, but hated to put on the makeup. Took around an hour. Took 10 minutes to take it off!

Laura said...

Apart from the licorice love, you don't seem weird to me in any way! In fact, you are one of the nicest, kindest people I've ever met and I HOPE we can finally get together again to sketch---I guess after the holidays will be easier for both of us. Happy December, cara!

AnastasiaC said...

so much fun - thanks for sharing your weirdness!
Im shy too so can relate haha
oh and I agree with your boy, rosemary smells weird!

Lorraine said...

Oh that's a fun exercise. even I didn't know (or probably it's that I don't remember) that you like black licorice. Big YUK, same for all anise type flavors. I love red licorice (1) and my husband thinks that's weird. But I'm finding lots of people who do. I fell in love with socks (2) a few years ago, the wilder the better -- Laurel Burch, cats, themes. And in my 20's I couldn't be caught dead..... I don't enjoy talking on the phone with just anyone (3) -- and I don't like to sit and just visit with people (4) -- would rather have my hands busy -- my MIL thinks that's weird (but I love talking with you -- we never seem to run out of things to share). My colors have gone from neutrals to hot pink, purple and teal -- together if at all possible (5) and I guess the weirdest of all is that my ears and throat itch, deep down, often, and I have a special little tool I scratch ears with (big no. 6) and sometimes I can scratch my throat by putting my tongue against the roof of my mouth and making a weird noise -- drives DH crazy. I learned this from my mother and I guess I inherited the itching ears and throat from her too. Now top that!