Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Yellow Rose

Yellow Rose
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The HOLIDAYS!! Woohoo!! My family begins arriving tomorrow -- so today is my last day to 'get it done!' Busy! Busy! Busy!

In my haste of holiday chores and preparations, I'll be using flowers (for the most part), particularly those with lots of petal shapes and contours, to continue my daily sketch and watercolor practice -- but also to stop myself from getting too frantic -- to make myself slow down -- and SEE again. They'll be my meditation practice -- so I can 'center' and truly enjoy the time with family and return to the spirit of the season.

Roses for me have been a tad 'challenging' with all their contours, highlights, swirly petals, dips and flanges. They're my mom's favorite flower -- and I tend to love them myself. The new varieties of 'Knock-Out' roses are one of the most robust, care-free varieties I've seen, and they have a delicate scent that so many hybrids have lost.

I have a number of these on my property (and at the Arboretum). I collect the petals after the rose has bloomed, dry the petals, and then use their delicate scent for potpourri.

While roses may not be a Christmas 'seasonal' .... to me they always represent love -- and THAT is definitely a part of this season.


Mary Ellen said...

Hello, there: ANYTIME is the right time for roses! :) Really nice job on capturing the details of the flower so well ... Cheers! Mary Ellen

Lorraine said...

Oh how beautiful Lin. What a terrific job.
I love the paler colors of roses -- the red ones sometimes get black looking as they dry. Just gorgeous, gorgeous. Can't wait to see more!

Tami said...

Roses are a challenge to paint but you have done an excellent job with this one. Love the Christmas candy too!

Casey said...

Roses are difficult and you've done a beautiful job with this. Have a wonderful Christmas.

martha said...

Beautiful drawing!

Teri C said...

Such a beautiful soft rose. Have a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones!

Anonymous said...

yellow roses are beautiful and I love your drawing!!!
Happy holidays to you and your family Lin!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely shading Lin! I've seen lots of roses on sale here so I guess many feel the same!

Hope you have a fantastic, creative, warm and wonderful Christmas with your family!

Anonymous said...

Your flower portraits are really lovely. This one has a subtle beauty!