Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tenuta San Michele

Tenuta San Michele
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On the slopes of Mt. Etna, Sicily, is a wonderful winery and vineyard - Tenuta San Michele - a fascinating place we stayed in complete with wine tours, homemade jams, olive oils, delicious food, and spectacular views.

Here is ONE of their many vineyards .... producing several different types of grapes and wines.

During the tour of the vineyard and description of growing, pruning, fertilizing, harvesting methods, I had the chance to feel the soil ....It was soft as down! Most of this 'soil' is actually volcanic ash from Mt Etna ... a source that produced some of the sweetest grapes on the island.

PS - Thanks for the computer empathy -- still nothing good to report on that front - sigh.


krazykatlady-Lorraine said...

Beautifully painted (and written, as usual). Nice straight rows of grapes and the slope to the hillside -- perfect. And I LOVE the detail on the tree in the foreground.
All in all, an excellent painting.

Brenda Y said...

Beautiful, Lin! Reminds me of the vineyards of Napa, CA!
Sure miss your posts and messages--you'll have lots to do with your new computer!!

Africantapestry said...

Love this vineyard'rte turning into a very divers artist, now you're focusing on landscapes, which are all just as beaufiurl as your flowers and pots..