Thursday, August 16, 2007

THANK YOU, Jeanette!

My most generous friend, Jeanette, has given me an award! I am now 'A Rockin' Girl Blogger!' THANK YOU, Jeanette!

Jeanette has two wonderful blogs - Handmade (a terrific inspirational blog) and a fabulous photo blog -- be sure to visit these for some sheer eye candy!

I would love to nominate all those many blogs and flickr sites I visit daily so I could pass this honor along to other well deserving bloggers. But since I can't nominate EVERY blog I visit and love and I'm limited to a handful, here are a few ... (if you're interested, the blogroll on this site includes many of those fabulous blogs to which I refer!!! Click on the links and enjoy!) ...

Brenda has been a most supportive friend and blogger whom I met in one of Kate's watercolor classes ...

My friend, France, whose pencil sketches make me drool:

Carol, whose descriptions of desserts and photos of them puts pounds on me without my taking a single bit and whose watercolors are so dreamy:

My dear friend, Teri, who began the visual art journey about the same time I did (not very long ago!)

and one more, though I've gone over my limit -- my dear friend and instructor - Kate Johnson - whose genrously shared flickr is as instructive as it is gorgeous:

Again, please pass this long, ladies, so that all those fabulous bloggers out there will be honored and applauded!



Cathy (Kate) Johnson said...

Congratulations, girl, you deserve it!

And thank you SO MUCH, you sweet thing! I don't think I can put javascript thingies in Live Journal or I WOULD pass it on, though you've included some of my favorites and some wonderful people...

Teri C said...

Oh Lin, how sweet of you to include me in this illustrious group of friends!

You certainly deserve this award and I am so happy we are traveling this path together.