Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Colorful Grapes

Colorful Grapes
Originally uploaded by linfrye
In celebration of fall, though today promises to break another heat record with temps over 90F, I've sketched some colorful fall grapes.

It's also the night of our Appreciation Tea, so today will be very busy preparing our foods, tables, decorations, presentations and the like.

Hope everyone has a great day!


Lorraine said...

You are really spreading you wings Lin. The colors in the background as as gorgeous as the grapes and leaves. Beautiful painting!

Betty said...

These are delicious! Beautiful colors . . . I hope you have a productive but peaceful day!

Teri C said...

These are just so pretty!!!

Laureline said...

Looks like stained glass! What luminous and beautiful colors, cara!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful colors, luscious grapes and background!

Jana Bouc said...

Such beautiful fresh paint and warm, warm colors. Sorry about your awful weather but glad it inspired such works of art!

Anonymous said...

I agree that the colors are wonderful!
Susan R