Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pear 2

Pear 2
Originally uploaded by linfrye
I've been trying to make my watercolors more 'painterly' and loose ... the colors on these pairs are far richer in real life than this scanned version. The original scan is in my dead computer -- sigh ... so this is a third copy from a copy of a copy I had sent home for filing.

IT tells me I should have my computer back by tomorrow -- my fingers are crossed!


Lorraine said...

So sorry about your computer woes -- so frustrating - we've gotten so dependent upon them.
Your painterly pears are very nice -- very nice "rounds" and "indents" as well as shadows and highlights.

caseytoussaint said...

This is beautiful and painterly, Lin - I wish I could see the original - it sounds amazing. I hope your computer gets well soon...

Africantapestry said...

Both your pears look painterly and loose and very artistic!Beautiful, me thinks. Thumbs crossed for your computer.